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NewHaven displays 15% off on OLED boards

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For the entire month of November, all OLED display products are on sale. Use the below coupon code during online checkout and recieve 15% off your OLED purchases. Discount is available for online orders only.




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Are these getting a lot cheaper in recent years?  I remember pricing out a graphical monochrome LCD (not OLED but I figured those would be cheaper) from these guys in 256x64 a few years back and it was $40+... the 3.12" OLED monochrome 256x64's are around $34!

Cheaper, but not nearly cheap enough IMO. All displays are around $30. The monochrome ones (all 2.x inch) are similar, and cost a little a bit less if they have a lower resolution mainly. Color versions are the same price but are much smaller (1.x inch instead of the 2.x inch).


Meanwhile, you can get great LCD modules for dirt cheap. For example, a 3.5" 320x480 color LCD (ILI93xx chipset, with HC595's to use it via SPI) and a resistive touch panel (with generic XPT2046 touch controller, which also uses SPI), for which you can find plenty of example code all-around the web... $10 on ebay (dirt cheap because they're mass-produced and sold for the Raspberry Pi), in single quantity, with free shipping too. 

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