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MSP430G2452 and Energia

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So I've been playing around with the 2 LaunchPads that I have and I cant for the life of me figure out how to get Energia to recognize the second chip that ships with the launchpad. I can program fine when I use the Msp430g2553 but as soon as I switch to the msp430g2452 it no longer recognizes it as a valid board.


I am in Linux Ubuntu 16.04Lts and using the latest release of Energia. The error it gives me says that it can't find the target board, and when I go through the board manager options there isn't an option for the 2452.


:( Any help I could get on this would be awesome!



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Hi @@pyrosmog, and welcome to 43oh...


If it is the latest version 1.6.10E18 then it does not have the G2452 in the Tools->Board pulldown menu.


The latest version is based on the new Arduino IDE and for some reason the G2452 isn't included. I don't know if it will be officially added in future. There are a number of threads here in 43oh on adding a new MSP430 if you want to try it yourself.


The easiest thing for now may be to use an earlier version of Energia that has the G2452 such as Energia v17.


Of course there could be other problems, e.g. putting the chip in upside down or not getting it seated properly.

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