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V7 embedded JavaScript engine is ported to MSP432

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We are the creators of the smallest embedded JavaScript engine - V7 (https://github.com/cesanta/v7). It allows to export existing C/C++ functionality into the JS environment and express device logic in the JS script - easily updatable, unlike monolithic firmware.


Here it is - with examples for CCS: https://github.com/cesanta/v7/tree/master/examples/TI/MSP432


We are looking for feeback and requests for ports to other devices.

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JavaScript had no place on a microcontroller (IMHO, of course).


I've been a professional web developer for the past 20 years or so, so I do know when JavaScript does have a place.

Javascript is a very nice language, I see no reason to say Python has a place on an embedded system, but Javascript doesn't. Both of them are high level languages which offer great flexibility.

I do agree both are quite heavy and for dedicated solutions I'd urge using C++ over Python/Javascript, but I think it's the most elegant solution over a self-made scripting language for things like home automation.

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Do you plan a version for the TM4C1294?


We did not build V7 on TM4C1294  yet, but I believe it'll build from scratch: V7 is ISO compatible.

Also, we plan to reduce the list of supported JavaScript features, and make the engine even smaller.


Could you elaborate on your TM4C1294  use case, please?

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