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Aurduino or Raspberry Pi for This Job

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I'm doing my Senior design for undergraduate school which is developing an open source medical device using a microcontroller (Arduino or Raspberry pi) with attached ECG,etc. circuits. I have not decided yet if I will make it:

1) with Arduino, which means I will have to switch between the circuits manually. And as you know Arduino can perform or run one program at a time.

2)with Raspberry pi with LCD touch screen attached to switch between the multiple circuits electronically. And as you know Raspberry pi can run multiple programs at the same time.

The main goal of this project is developing an open source medical device such that the user can add circuits to the microcontroller following the specification that I will develop. The circuits will be built up on top of each other using assigned pins.

If you have other suggestions than using Arduino or Raspberry pi please feel free to share.


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