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CC3200 Serial communication

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I am new to CC3200.

Actually I want to use the Uart of cc3200.

My application is to read data from a serial transmitter of another device using CC3200 and print the data on the serial monitor of Energia.


I saw that there are two kinds:-


Serial and Serial1.


Can I use serial1 to read the data and then print data on serial monitor of Energia using Serial.


Do I need to shift the J6,J7 from flash mode to BP mode??


I have seen the pinmapping.

In that I found that Serial 1 is connected on UART1_Rx on GPIO11 i.e. P1-10 of CC3200 launchpad.

Do I need to connect the peripheral devices' Tx pin on P1-10 and then print the data on Serial monitor using Serial.write(); ??


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