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*whew* 3 days of *tedious* plodding along, and 3-4 rewrites mid-stream, I finally have something that works, but probably needs a serious UX overhaul. Technical wise, it's pretty cool and fetches register values in real-time very quickly through socket.io. This project uses https://github.com/wphermans/Nodejs-AS as it's base, and slightly modified https://github.com/wphermans/Bonejs/blob/master/i2c.js. For the later, it's just hard coded device, and i2c base address. If I remember correctly. Tired of looking at code for a day or two . . .


Project:  https://github.com/wphermans/Beaglebone-Web-PMIC-Register-Viewer

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Here is a screenshot for those that are curious, but may not care to actually go through the whole process just to see what the app does.


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Placing the pic on github will really help. Nice job.

 I was actually already thinking that, but I do not remember if you can actually embed a picture in a readme on github or not . . . I mean I know you can put an image "tag" in a readme.md, but not sure if that image actually shows on github or not . . .

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