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pins_energia.h Where is that?

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I am just getting started on my development using a custom PCB and may pin out on my board is a little different then the launchpad pin out so I need to change the H file.  pins_energia.h  I need to access p8.0 of the MSP430F5529 and of course this pin is not used on the Launchpad so I need to add it to the h file and use it in my code.


Actually I cannot find this file in the downloaded energia software.  Standard C requires h files to be declared or  #included.  


Why is energia not using an #include statement in the example c file ( ie blink project) ?

How can energia properly access the hardware pins without declaring the pin names?  (I am sure the h file is stored somewhere)

How do I use my own h file?


Any help would be great.





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You are asking how to create a custom core.  Now that Energia has migrated to Arduino 1.6.x it is no longer an Energia specific question.


pins_energia.h are stored with each "variant"  The one you want to start with is:




This document describes how the Arduino directories are organized:



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Why is energia not using an #include statement in the example c file ( ie blink project) ?


Energia is really just arduino now with some custom TI cores. The Arduino IDE is really a couple of things, text editor + API + project building software.  The arduino builder is responsible for finding all the required header files and the invoking the build process based on the platform.txt file along with the board.txt file. The platform.txt and board.txt are unique and specific for each custom core.



arduino builder - https://github.com/arduino/arduino-builder

energia msp430 core - https://github.com/energia/msp430-lg-core

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