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@@zeke and others....   cool idea., that USB wifi idea.  >>>>   did you actually get it going successfully?


hmmmm, now I'm wondering if I shouldn't haver ordered TWO licences.    Two licences should allow me very flexible coverage of 4 PCs if I interpret things correctly.


BTW, I received my CCS licence info by email from TI, now to install it on 2 machines.

Also, if you're using Linux, you do not even need to worry about using a USB wifi dongle, or anything of that like. I wont go into details, but I bet @@Rickta59 knows what I mean. OR anyone with several years Linux experience.


As for the 64bit binary "thing" I really do not see it as an issue. The key point for Linux is "will the binaries run on an x64 Linux image". But for developers who do use Linux using an x64 Linux can be a huge deal. For instance, with an x84-64 machine( core i7 ) with 16Gb RAM. Using 10-12G Ram as a ramdisk can be a huge deal for compiling large projects. Compiling the kernel comes to mind, and yes, it makes a big difference when compiling a Linux kernel. 10-11 minutes versus 30-60 minute +.

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[NOTE] Before you bother trying to find this deal,  read this post: http://forum.43oh.com/topic/10050-ccs-70-will-be-available-without-license-requiremens/   and this TI web page: http://processo

And again same promo with the MSP-EXP430FR5994 Launchpad at $15.99   https://store.ti.com/MSP430FR5994-LaunchPad-Development-Kit-with-Code-Composer-Studio-Promotion-P51095.aspx

The Node Lock uses the MAC address of a LAN adapter in your computer.   So, I just bought a USB WiFi adapter and assigned its MAC address to the CCS license. Now I can move CCS around with my WiFi a

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Has anyone tried to install the latest version on Linux? It let me compile successfully a >16Kb MSP430 project without entering the licence I just bought.


The "Code Composer Licencing Information" option to access the licence manager is gone, but the Windows version still haves it. Maybe TI is planning to change the licence model of their tools, or just a curious build mistake.

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@blankname    --   and others interested in the 16KB code limit of the 'free' CS compiler.


Yes, I too found I could compile a file with more than 16KB code loaded into an MSP device. (Using the 'free version' on Windows, CCS v 6.1.3)


As I have a licence now (yet to be implemented on this machine), I'm not too worried about future changes TI may make in counting / restricting compiled code size.

For my part, I sort of assumed it was a TI CCS bug as the compiler version number (v15 etc)  looks much different than pervious ones (v4.x).


Attached is a text file with my test code and results in a short report format I made for my notes.





edit   ....     (note ........   trying to find out how to add a file to this post)  (have to select 'use full editor')Code size GT 16KB CCSv6.1.3.txt

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on the front page, Mathew Witherwax said:



I ordered it a week ago. You receive an email with your license information. In addition you will find a link to it under myRegistered software at ti.com. The license is node locked, but you can transfer it one time. Also, the offer is limited to two copies.


but Rickta59 said:



Yes there is a page on the TI site to manage the node if you need to switch. I've switched 2 times in the last 4 years.



So, who is right? should I bind the node license to a usb wifi dongle to cover the case that I get a new laptop once a year? Or do you think I will be able to change the MAC in the node license more than just 1 time in the future?
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The deal is still valid. At least my order for CCS-PROMO-MSP-EXP432P401R went trough. Weird thing is that I ordered yesterday and I have not yet received the license. No email, and it does not appear in my TI accounts myRegistered software section either.

The launchpad has shipped all ready and according to fed-ex tracking it should arrive tomorrow. For the CCS license the status reads "In Work at Fulfillment". I guess they are fresh out of licenses and are fabricating some more. :P Good thing is that I am not in hurry with the license. I have yet to hit the magical 16kb. I just couldn't resist the awesome deal. I for some reason like the CCS and have some what "grown" in to it.


I guess I have to contact Ti if my license does not appear when the launchpad arrives, as I have some big plans for it and I am definitely going to hit the 16kb limit. I do hope the license works with the upcoming CCS 7.0.


Edit: Oh, I almost forgot. The "My Order" page also tells me that the estimated shipping date of my CCS license is 11/30/2016. Maybe they get the next batch of licenses from the oven next week...

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