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crt0.S not found

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My OLIMEX-JTAG-ISO seems to be dead but fortunately I have a MK2 version.  I've not used it for debugging before and when I come to play with it this morning, I am getting an error message that I remember getting in the dim and distant past - unfortunately I can't remember how I solved it before on the MK1 model.


_reset_vector__() at crt0.S:118 0x1100

Can't find a source file at "/home/pf/git/msp430eclipse/dk.xpg.msp430eclipse/scripts/src/gcc/libgcc/config/msp430/crt0.S"

I had to upgrade my Eclipse plugin (from Ver1 to Ver3) and toolchain - everything compiles just fine.


Weirdly when I try to debug an old project, that does not show this problem - i.e. it just stops at main() as expected and yet it does not have a crt0.S file anywhere.


If anyone can point me in the right direction that would be much appreciated.

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Ok, got it working - I had set a couple of breakpoints in main.  Out of frustration, having tried everything else, I removed all breakpoints and relaunched and it worked ok - I can now add the breakpoints back in and all seems fine.  No idea what was wrong but something was screwy.

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