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New Test Rig...

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I like the boosterPack concept, but for my current project I needed access to all the pins on an F5529 as well as an F2013.  So, I constructed a couple of boards to plug into an MSP-TS430PN80USB in a boosterpack fashion. As is  probably obvious, I missed a couple of traces (GND lines), for which I had to add the little green wires. The top board has all my sensors, and the bottom is basically battery management and a sx1509 port expander to manage a number of LEDs.  I don't actually need the extra ports, but I wanted the sx1509's built-in LED "breathe" capability. Saves coding... -lazy programmer :)

I was a happy camper when I fired-up the system and was able to access and program both MCUs.

I've found that I can choose between running two instances of IAR (or CCS) and debug both micros simulaneously.  Handy for the comms and interrupt handing.

So, let the fun begin...


BTW - the TFT LCD is from buydisplay.com - 2.8" TFT with Cap touch (about $15.00 U.S.).  It's using the ILI9341 controller for the LCD and the FT6206 controller for the cap touch.  For proof of concept I was able to use the Adafruit sketches to connect with both, and the edits were limited to pin assignments, if I remember correctly.




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