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msp430-jtag-iso lost main code

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I've used an MSP430-JTAG-ISO for years and been very happy with it.  Used mainly with mpsdebug through Eclipse on Linux however also used via IAR in Windows.


Come to use it today and couldn't seem to get it debugging correctly - no reason to think the MSP430-JTAG-ISO is faulty because I was programming units fine with it a few days ago so it's probably something daft I had set wrong.  While experimenting to figure it out, I tried programming some code with the Olimex Windows software and it said that it was upgrading the unit firmware which was fair enough - I let it get on and do it.


Unfortunately from that moment onwards, I can't talk to the device whatsoever.  It shows up on USB in Linux quite happily and enumerates in Windows as expected however MSPDebug reports "olimex_iso: timed out while receiving data" - only the red led flashes, the green led is never on.  Trying the same thing in IAR causes the red light to flash rapidly and IAR seems to hang.


Is this goosed or is there some way to recover it??


I do have an MSP430-JTAG-ISO-MK2 but it's in the office and I'm away for a few days - arghh :-(

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