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Sending JPEG data to CC3200 via SPI and transferring it to server

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I received CC3200 launchpad a while ago and have been playing with it for some time trying out different examples.


Now I should start the real work with CC3200 implementing the following scenario:

- CC3200 connects to a cloud server using e.g. HTTPS authentication

- An jpg image is captured on camera module that is connected to host MCU (Atmel AT76C114).

- The image data (file size 500kB-1MB) is transferred from the host MCU to CC3200 via SPI (so CC3200 acts as SPI slave)

- As CC3200 receives the SPI buffers it sends the data over to the server with e.g. HTTP Post


Can anyone comment if the above workflow is feasible with CC3200?


At the moment Atmel MCU has not been connected to CC3200 so I'm emulating the host MCU behaviour with another CC3200 launchpad.

I have evaluated SPI functionality (http://processors.wiki.ti.com/index.php/CC32xx_SPI_Demo)and HTTPS connection (http://forum.43oh.com/topic/5883-cc3200-ssl/) but I have problems figuring out how to implement the whole chain (host MCU image data->SPI->CC3200 image data transfer to server).


Would anyone happen to have examples for passing jpg data through SPI and transferring jpg image to server?






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