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LDO ic selection

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Dear everyone,

I have a question about LDO IC of Texas Instruments.

Normally, I have not seen they use TLV111733 or LM1117-33 in reference design, instead of using TPSxx line, could you help to explain?

Could I find an IC that have two output 5V and 3.3V (one chip)?

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I agree with @@chicken also,


TI uses TPS series as there many low power LDOs in this family. LM series are old and not power efficient now.

For exaple TPS782xx series. This LDO is only consumes 500nA with 150 mA load. This is very good value for a LDO.

ST and other vendors have also similar LDOs but TI's is better one, I have ever seen yet.

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