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I just recently got into a group that does a lot with launchpad's I'm currently trying to get that same booster pack to work for me. Did you ever get the 150 and 160 to work because I have so far found just what you have found and know much less in the way of C and C++ programming. If by any chance you have accomplished it if you could point me in the right direction that would be awesome.

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I apologize for re-opening a thread this old, but I'm looking for the library for the Sensors BoosterPack and don't see it available in energia. Does anyone have it and, if so, would you mind sharing?

Got two of the Boosterpacks and a couple dozen launchpads and would like to get some use out of them :)

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I tried various times to adapt and develop a library for the BMI160 + BMM150 sensors on Energia, alas without succeeding.
The example included in the SAIL SDK works fine, although it is pure C and aimed at Code Composer Studio.
The documentation provided by Bosch is very poor and marred with errors.
Should you need a ready-to-use IMU, I strongly recommend the Bosch BNO055, which includes an MCU and provides ready-to-read angles, quarternions and alike.
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