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I like government surplus stores

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I really like government surplus stores. I mean, reeeeeeally like them.


This week, I bought two HP laserjet printers:

  • A Laserjet 5000n which can print 11"x17" and that is great for schematics, and
  • A Laserjet 4350dnt which has the duplexer and a second 500 sheet paper tray.

I know I didn't steal them because I have a bill of sale. The total for both printers was $30!


I also got a Fellowes Powershred C-320 paper shredder. That thing can swallow 25 sheets of paper at a time and will not choke!  I paid $80 for it.


So, yeah, I like this government surplus stuff.

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We have a laserjet 5si, that was rebuilt by my buddy. I think he paid $130 for it, and $100 of that was for shipping( off ebay ). Then a few years later he bought another one for $40 and picked it up in person. The one we're currently using does 11x17 paper too, and has a duplexer as well.


And yeah . . . 11"x17" schematics are nice. Picture below of what it looks like, but that particular one in the picture is not ours.



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Yeah, that printer setup is a beast!  I wouldn't want to carry it by myself anyways.

I do not think you could, if you wanted to. I'm not a small, and weak person. Being 6' and 220lbs, and I do not think I could either. But not only is it heavy, it would be too awkward. So, my buddy and I both move it whenever it needs off it's stand.

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