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Grove Base BoosterPack & Launchpad not working togetherp

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Is anyone using the Seeed Grove Base BoosterPack in combination with the TI CC3200 Launchpad with success?


I have just baught the booster pack and it does not work as i hoped.


For example when i define 39 on J14 as digital output, the yellow led is controlled. 


Checking pins_energia.h:


const uint16_t digital_pin_to_pin_num[] = {
NOT_A_PIN, /*  dummy */
NOT_A_PIN, /*  1  - 3.3V */
PIN_58, /*  2  - GPIO_03 */
PIN_17, /*  38 - GPIO_24 */
PIN_01, /*  39 - GPIO_10 */
PIN_02 /*  40 - GPIO_11 */


39 is connected to PIN_01 = GPIO_10 which is indeed the yellow led??????


I have tried to change it:


const uint16_t digital_pin_to_pin_num[] = {
NOT_A_PIN, /*  dummy */
NOT_A_PIN, /*  1  - 3.3V */
PIN_30, /*  39 - GPIO_27 */
PIN_29 /*  40 - GPIO_26 */
in pin.h i have changed:
#define PIN_29   0x0000001C
#define PIN_30   0x0000001D
No success.
Can anyone help me with this? Or send their energia_pins.h and other files?
Regards William
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I really suggest not to use the Grove BoosterPack with the CC3200 LaunchPad, as the analog inputs of the CC3200 are limited to 1.8 V. You may fry the MCU if you connect some standard Grive analog devices, which operate at 3.3 V.


For the pins of the CC3200 LaunchPad, there are so many numbering schemes that Energia focuses solely on the pins numbers mentioned on the pins map. 


The same pins map is also available for the Grove BoosterPack.


On the CC3200 LaunchPad, pins 13, 25, 26, and 33 to 40 are not connected by default. The pins map show them in light colour.


I'd recommend using the MSP430F5529 LaunchPad for the Grove BoosterPack.


Please refer to the references below for all the pins maps.




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