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Audio/voice modules

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Has anyone used the Novoton voice modules ("Chipcorder" ISD2360 for example) or similar devices? I am looking for suggestions for an upcoming project, and the price/performance of these looks reasonable, but I have no idea what other options are out there.


General outline: the relevant part of the the system will detect roughly a dozen events and play a short audio response to each, playing general background otherwise. Think of something like varied breathing sounds all of the time, with other sounds overlayed or replacing in response to inputs. Total audio is, give or take, 30 seconds, with about a dozen individual responses besides the background. The background sounds will be expanded to fill available device space if more is available, but 30 seconds is the minimum.


I am also looking at a WTV020SD type device, but, again, have not used one, and am not sure I am thrilled about the SD card in this system, and don't see that it has any way to layer multiple audio clips.


Input? Ideas?

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I have had a project in mind that requires speech for some time but haven't progressed it much. I would be interested in what you come up with.


I have considered this which uses the VS1000: https://www.adafruit.com/products/2342. The tutorial at adafruit includes documentation on using it with an arduino. Their design is open source if you want to make your own PCB.

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I never noticed that board on adafruit. I may grab one just to play with, though I don't know if it will fit my final project-- I don't think there are enough triggers, though I may be able to reduce the number I need. The lack of ability for background sound may also be an issue, but I might be able to work with it. There are advantages to a packaged solution over the theoretical best solution.

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