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Configuring GPIO as an ADC at TM4C123GXL

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I am using the current sensor HO 10-P with my TM4C123 launchpad board.


Essentially I have to connect the Vout pin to a GPIO, configure the GPIO as an ADC pin and then configure the ADC controller to read the Vout from the sensor. I will connect the Vout to PE2 (which is AIN2 and also a GPIO).


Wondering how to configure this GPIO as an ADC and then read it? Can you show a sample code snippet?

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// stuff here like global variables and constants

const int analogInputPin = 28;

// PE2 on the chip, A1 in Energia, Pin 28 on the headers

// defined here to make it easier to re-assign the pin if

// needed later


int a = 0;


void setup()


// more stuff here



void loop()


// do things

a = analogRead(analogInputPin);

// do other things


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