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Hey all! Finicky issue, and I've been up for way too many hours so I'm breaking from usual habit and posting after only doing minimal digging. Hopefully it's a simple solution. Fingers crossed.


Board: TM4C1294NCPDT

IDE: CCSv6.1

OS: Ubuntu 16.04

Compiler: GNU v4.9.3 (Linaro)


So here's what's up: I'm versed using timers and setting up my vector table properly, or so I thought.


Code Composer Studio isn't finding my interrupt handler... It's confuzzling me to say the least... 


Here's what I'm doing:


In startup_gcc.c

//......Skipping top of file for readability, all is stock

// External declarations for the interrupt handlers used by the application.
extern void Timer1AIntHandler(void);

//......Skipping a bunch of nonsense for readabilities sake

//Beginning of vector table (NOT Blizzard, but Snowflake/RA0)
__attribute__ ((section(".isr_vector")))
void (* const g_pfnVectors[])(void) =
    (void *)&_estack,                       // The initial stack pointer
    ResetISR,                               // The reset handler
    NmiSR,                                  // The NMI handler
    FaultISR,                               // The hard fault handler
    IntDefaultHandler,                      // The MPU fault handler
    IntDefaultHandler,                      // The bus fault handler
    IntDefaultHandler,                      // The usage fault handler
    0,                                      // Reserved
    0,                                      // Reserved
    0,                                      // Reserved
    0,                                      // Reserved
    IntDefaultHandler,                      // SVCall handler
    IntDefaultHandler,                      // Debug monitor handler
    0,                                      // Reserved
    IntDefaultHandler,                      // The PendSV handler
    SysTickIntHandler,                      // The SysTick handler
    GPIOAIntHandler,                        // GPIO Port A
    GPIOBIntHandler,                        // GPIO Port B
    GPIOCIntHandler,                        // GPIO Port C
    GPIODIntHandler,                        // GPIO Port D
    GPIOEIntHandler,                        // GPIO Port E
    UARTStdioIntHandler,          	    // For UARTStdio - UART0 Rx and Tx
    UARTIntHandler1,                        // UART1 Rx and Tx
    IntDefaultHandler,                      // SSI0 Rx and Tx
    IntDefaultHandler,                      // I2C0 Master and Slave
    IntDefaultHandler,                      // PWM Fault
    IntDefaultHandler,                      // PWM Generator 0
    IntDefaultHandler,                      // PWM Generator 1
    IntDefaultHandler,                      // PWM Generator 2
    IntDefaultHandler,                      // Quadrature Encoder 0
    ADC0IntHandler,                         // ADC Sequence 0
    IntDefaultHandler,                      // ADC Sequence 1
    IntDefaultHandler,                      // ADC Sequence 2
    IntDefaultHandler,                      // ADC Sequence 3
    IntDefaultHandler,                      // Watchdog timer
    IntDefaultHandler,                      // Timer 0 subtimer A
    IntDefaultHandler,                      // Timer 0 subtimer B
    Timer1AIntHandler,                      // Timer 1 subtimer A (Thar she blows...)

And then in my main project file:

// Only showing relevant pieces...

// Prototypes
// ==========
// Bunch of skipped out-of-scope stuff...
void init_Timer(void);
void Timer1AIntHandler(void);

void init_Timer(void)
  // Enable interrupts to the processor.

  // Enable Timer Peripheral

  // Configure Timer1 to be Periodic, with a 100Hz interrupt
  ROM_TimerLoadSet(TIMER1_BASE, TIMER_A, g_ui32SysClock / 100);

  // Setup the interrupts for Timer1 timeout.

  // Enable Timer1A.
  ROM_TimerEnable(TIMER1_BASE, TIMER_A);

// void loop() is there somewhere, but it's HUGE, doesn't use the timer anyway.

void Timer1AIntHandler(void) {
  // Clear the timer interrupt.

  // Call the FatFs tick timer.

I need the timer for FatFS by ChaN.


CCS gives me this on building (skipped everything until the linker output): 

Building target: Knkt_Dev_CPY_Cleaned_SDcard.out
Invoking: GNU Linker
"/home/captain/ti/ccsv6/tools/compiler/gcc-arm-none-eabi-4_9-2015q3/bin/arm-none-eabi-gcc" -march=armv7e-m -mthumb -mfloat-abi=hard -mfpu=fpv4-sp-d16 -fno-exceptions -DF_CPU=120000000L -DENERGIA=17 -DARDUINO=101 -Dccs="ccs" -DTARGET_IS_TM4C129_RA0 -D__FPU_PRESENT=1 -DUART_BUFFERED -DENABLE_LFN -Drestrict=__restrict__ -DARM_MATH_CM4 -O0 -ffunction-sections -fdata-sections -fsingle-precision-constant -g -gdwarf-3 -gstrict-dwarf -Wall -Wl,-Map,"Knkt_Dev_CPY_Cleaned_SDcard.map" --entry ResetISR -nostartfiles -nostdlib -Wl,--gc-sections -L"/home/captain/w-DEFAULTS/lptm4c1294ncpdt_PubSubClient/Debug" -L"/home/captain/w-DEFAULTS/lptm4c1294ncpdt_MQTTClient/Debug" -L"/home/captain/w-DEFAULTS/lptm4c1294ncpdt_SPI/Debug" -L"/home/captain/w-DEFAULTS/lptm4c1294ncpdt_Ethernet/Debug" -L"/home/captain/w-DEFAULTS/lptm4c1294ncpdt_WiFi/Debug" -L"/home/captain/w-DEFAULTS/lptm4c1294ncpdt_core/Debug" -L"/home/captain/ti/energia-0101E0017/hardware/lm4f/cores/lm4f/driverlib" -L"/home/captain/ti/CMSIS-SP-00300-r4p5-00rel0/CMSIS/Lib/GCC" -L"/home/captain/ti/energia-0101E0017/hardware/lm4f/cores/lm4f/driverlib" -o"Knkt_Dev_CPY_Cleaned_SDcard.out" "./ADC0IntHandler.o" "./fatfs/port/mmc-ek-tm4c1294xl.o" "./fatfs/src/ff.o" "./fatfs/src/option/cc932.o" "./terminal/uartstdio.o" "./terminal/ustdlib.o" "./Knkt_Dev_Cleaned.o" "./terminal/terminal.o"  -Wl,--start-group -Wl,-T"/home/captain/ti/energia-0101E0017/hardware/lm4f/cores/lm4f/lm4fcpp_snowflake.ld" -llptm4c1294ncpdt_PubSubClient -llptm4c1294ncpdt_MQTTClient -llptm4c1294ncpdt_SPI -llptm4c1294ncpdt_Ethernet -llptm4c1294ncpdt_WiFi -llptm4c1294ncpdt_core -lc -ldriverlib -larm_cortexM4lf_math -ldriverlib -lm -lc -lgcc -Wl,--end-group 
makefile:175: recipe for target 'Knkt_Dev_CPY_Cleaned_SDcard.out' failed
/home/captain/w-DEFAULTS/lptm4c1294ncpdt_core/Debug/liblptm4c1294ncpdt_core.a(startup_gcc.o) :(.isr_vector+0x94): undefined reference to `Timer1AIntHandler'
collect2: error: ld returned 1 exit status



Sooo what's going on here? Does the Energia part of CCS do something different with the timer section of the vector table? I have a custom ADC0IntHandler which works just fine...
If anyone needs more info, I'm more than glad to provide it. Frustrations abound, and it especially sucks 'cuz after a 20 hour coding marathon, a problem like this is just... Awful.
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With "main project file" you mean the Sketch? Note that if you implement your timer interrupt handler in the .ino file, it is considered c++ and the function name will get mangled, hence an undefined reference during link time. Best is to do it as I described in the post you pointed out. This way you do not have to deal with editing startup_gcc.c.

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