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TMS320F28069m take the first steps

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Hello guy,

I have TMS320F28069m and I download Energia 0101E0017

I find little documentation that can help me out of my daze (olso in relation to my skills) 
I would like to upload my first example test..
I have some experience with Arduino and the environment seems very similar ..
so what I try to do spontaneously is run blinking LED exemple
I move in this way:
1) open exemples> basics  > Blink  
2) try to sett the Board, But i don't read TMS320F28069m in the board




if i run with different board i recive some error (but i think is normal)



I have found in the folder " energia-0101E0017\hardware\c2000\cores\c2000" some stuff for F2806, so I am confident I can reach the solution of the problem with some help. 




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