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One of the new features of the beta EnergiaNG is that fact that it is now using the standard Arduino 1.6.x IDE.  Unfortunately, it doesn't look like it is ready to work as a boards manager package with the standard Arduino IDE.  Energia/TI likes their branding and it seems they want to keep TI boards and Arduino board from ever meeting in the same program.


At the same time, I noticed a few things that are missing and instead of trying to push those into Energia. I decided to fork the tivac-core and make the changes there.  I also moved away from the proprietary dslite uploader in favor of using openocd.  This gives you a better chance of running this code on any platform you might like.  Did you know Arduino is now running on Raspberry PI boards?

Anyways, you can find this new version here:


There is a list of things that I've changed in the README.md. This port also makes a couple of assumptions. It assumes you have both an arm-none-eabi-gcc toolchain in your path along with a recent version of openocd.  If you are running linux you can just do:

$ sudo apt-get install arm-none-eabi-gcc arm-none-eabi-g++ openocd

Give this port a whirl and let me know how it works for you.



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Hi Rick,


There are indeed issues with the packages being consumed by the Arduino IDE. I do want to give users the option to load them into the Arduino IDE and will work on fixing that after Energia 18 is out of beta.


I see you made quite a few nice changes and updated to the latest TivaWare. Are you OK with me cherry picking some of them.




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