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Can not config Pin Osc for capacitive sensing

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Hi everyone,

I am a newbie with capacitive touch, I did a example which I can not config P1.1, P1.2, P1.3 as capacitive sensing function, another pins is ok. The code as below, I just change which PIN, and Port.

/ Middle Element (P2.5)
const struct Element middle_element = {

              .inputPxselRegister = (uint8_t *)&P1SEL,
              .inputPxsel2Register = (uint8_t *)&P1SEL2,
              .inputBits = BIT2,
              // When using an abstracted function to measure the element
              // the 100*(maxResponse - threshold) < 0xFFFF
              // ie maxResponse - threshold < 655
              .maxResponse = 450+655,
              .threshold = 450

//*** CAP TOUCH HANDLER *******************************************************/
// This defines the grouping of sensors, the method to measure change in
// capacitance, and the function of the group

// One Button Sensor
const struct Sensor one_button =
                  .halDefinition = RO_PINOSC_TA0_WDTp,	// Sensing Method
                  .numElements = 1,						// # of Elements
                  .baseOffset = 0,						// First element index = 0
                  // Pointer to elements
                  .arrayPtr[0] = &middle_element,  		// point to middle element
                  // Timer Information
                  .measGateSource= GATE_WDT_ACLK,     //  0->SMCLK, 1-> ACLK
                  .accumulationCycles= WDTp_GATE_64   //64 - Default                                                
void main(void)

  // Initialize System Clocks
  WDTCTL = WDTPW + WDTHOLD;             // Stop watchdog timer
  BCSCTL1 = CALBC1_1MHZ;                // Set DCO to 1, 8, 12 or 16MHz
  BCSCTL2 |= DIVS_2;                    // divide SMCLK by 4 for 250khz
  BCSCTL3 |= LFXT1S_2;                  // LFXT1 = VLO
  P1OUT = 0x00;							// Clear Port 1 bits
  P1DIR |= BIT0;

  P2SEL &= ~(BIT6 + BIT7);				// Configure XIN (P2.6) and XOUT (P2.7) to GPIO
  P2OUT = 0x00;							// Drive all Port 2 pins low
  P2DIR = 0xFF;							// Configure all Port 2 pins outputs

  // Initialize Baseline measurement
  // Update baseline measurement (Average 5 measurements)

  // Main loop starts here
  while (1)

	// Get the raw delta counts for element characterization
	__no_operation(); 					// Set breakpoint here

	// Check if the middle element sensor has been triggered. The API call
	// compares the value from the sensor against the threshold to determine
	// trigger condition
		// Do something
		P1OUT |= BIT0;                            // Turn on center LED
		P1OUT &= ~BIT0;                           // Turn off center LED

    // Put the MSP430 into LPM3 for a certain DELAY period

} // End Main

Please give me an instruction to config them as capacitive sensing.

Thank you!

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Maybe not useful, but are you running this on a G2 launchpad?


P1.1,P1.2 are connected to the debugger, removing the serial link should isolate them....


But, P1.3 is connected to a switch, and actually has a pull-up and debounce cap (R34/C24) populated on the PCB. this will mess with the capacitive sense, and drain the parasitic capacitance before it can be measured.

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