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Hi!, I'm try to connect tm4c123gxl with esp8266:


esp8266       tm4c

GND             GND

VCC             +3.3V

CH_PD         +3.3V

Rx                 PD7 (Tx 2)

Tx                 PD6 (Rx 2)


I tested with "AT" command, if it's success, it will return "OK".

Here is my code:

void setup() {

void loop()
  while (Serial2.available()){
    char result = Serial2.read();
    Serial.print("Serial2 result:\t");

But It just print 2 lines and nothing else
Serial2 result:    A
Serial2 result:    T

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Hi, thank for all responses.
When program start, esp8266's led is blinking, so I think it's not about the current which TM4C supplies, when I try Serial2.begin(9600), it doesn't show anything , when I try both Serial with 115200 baud rates, it show just like example above
I have try "AT" and "AT+GMR" but nothing happen at all, it reads and shows exactly character that I send to it.

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