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i2c not working with Energia for MSP430G2553 inside Code Composer Studio

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I am using the latest version:   energia-0101E0017.  I just reloaded it from Energia's website this morning.  It is their December 2015 version.

I am using the latest CCS version 6.1.3.  I installed a fresh version of that a couple days ago and have applied all the updates I could find.

Using the very popular I2C_Scan tool, I get bad results.  I either get all addresses telling me there's a device there, or if I do a write(0); between begin and end transmission, I get no devices...

See brief code snip below:

void findAddress(int fromAddress, int toAddress)


  for (int a = fromAddress; a < toAddress; a++)




    int endStatus = Wire.endTransmission();


    if (endStatus == 0)


      Serial.print("Found device at: 0x");

      Serial.println(a, HEX);




When using Arduino with the same I2C_Scan tool, I can quickly discover my i2c device.

So, can somebody let me know why this isn't working, and/or perhaps point me to a work-around?

I've read many of the postings about this and have done the following:

  1. Removed jumper from LED for P1_6
  2. Used resisters to give step-up or whatever you call it
  3. Tried it with and without the Write(0) between the begin and end transmission code above

Anyway, just a bit frustrated today.  I'm a spoiled Software Engineer, not used to the pain that is endured each day by firmware developers as they fight as hard against the development tools as they do against the code they write :-)






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