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structure in Capacitive Touch.

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Hi everyone,

I wanna understand about how the source can define as below while I can not find in any C tutorial about defining a struct.


struct Element{
uint8_t *inputPxselRegister;    // PinOsc: port selection address
uint8_t *inputPxsel2Register;   // PinOsc: port selection 2 address
uint8_t *inputPxoutRegister; // PinOsc: port output address
uint8_t *inputPxdirRegister; // PinOsc: port direction address
uint16_t inputBits; // PinOsc: bit definition
uint16_t *baseCnt; // PinOsc: base count
uint16_t *threshold;
//a dot '.' make me confuse
const struct Element First ={
.inputPxselRegister = (uint8_t *)&P3SEL,
.inputPxsel2Register = (uint8_t *)&P3SEL2,
.inputPxoutRegister = (uint8_t *)&P3OUT,
.inputPxdirRegister = (uint8_t *)&P3DIR,
.inputBits = BIT3,
.baseCnt = base_cnt,
.threshold = threshold

Please help to explain about the '.' at First element.

Thank in advance!


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See " Initializing Structure Members" Here https://www.gnu.org/software/gnu-c-manual/gnu-c-manual.html#Declaring-Structure-Variables-After-Definition


There are a few other ways to assign constant data in structures. It's not normally seen, I'm not sure why. I find it much easier to read/understand.

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