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Please provide more detailed information on your setup. How are Launchpad and SIM800 connected ... which baud rates do you use for communication ? Or do you only use the Serial-to-usb hardware side of the launchpad to show the serial output stream? Did you try another serial to USB Adapter ..... ?? What do you want to do at all???


Too many questions

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I just opened the serial monitor on my Energia install and all of those characters are missing... even the ones you posted. I tried it with a G2 LP, 3 different TM4C LP's, two Hercules LP's, an F6989 LP and an Arduino Uno.


I must not have the same hardware and firmware as you.


What are you using?

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I am using MSP430G2 launchpad with 430G2553 and SIM800 and SIM900.

Actually the issue was with the buffersize in SoftwareSerial library.

Now with the SIM900 after the following changes I am getting the expected result.

   1.Changing the SoftwareSerial.h max buffersize from 16 to 64

   2. Changing HardwareSerial.cpp max RX buffersize from 16 to 32(if required!)


But the SoftwareSerial changes will reduce the RAM by 128 Bytes out of 512 Bytes.Sad!!!

So is there any other IC which can be replaced on this launchpad(G2) having 2-4K RAM???

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