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Testing a "board"

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I wanted to paste a link for this here because while it is related to an MSP430G2553 project I was writing code for. The MSP430 is actually a small part of the larger project. Also since I *can* share a video of the board being tested, but I can not discuss the board's function because of an NDA. I did not think it would be fair to put this into the project section.


Anyway, the video in the link is a board that my buddy designed, and I programmed ( through a Beaglebone green ) a test program for. The app was written in Javascript ( Nodejs ), and tests roughly 30 primary circuits in about 3-5 seconds. 4 types being GPO, and 1 type GPI. For what it's worth, every single circuit controlled from the Beaglebone had to be optocoupler isolated . . . Which proved to be a pain to test; As the original test idea was to test the 6 PWM channel as GPO's into the 6 channels of GPI's. This of course turned out to be impossible because of the circuitry, and the inability of the circuit as designed to swing from full on ( 3.3v ) to full off ( 0V ). That is, without adding additional external circuitry, that would have become  a hassle . . . so, we opted for LEDs for the PWMs, and a single switch for all 6 GPI's  plus a very simple Javascript app that took about 5 minutes to whip up ;) Which by the way was possible because of the recent Javascript wrapper library I wrote for the Beaglebone . . . https://github.com/wphermans/Bonejs



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