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One last BMP085 Project...

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@@supamas The TX and RX ISR functions are both included in the main.c file.  The grace file is just a configuration for the hardware.  It directs the IV to iic_RX_isr() and iic_TX_isr().


Can you be more specific with the error you are getting?

I must have been doing something wrong because it is working for me now.  The TX and RX interrupts were what I was looking for.  You commented:


// interrupt pragma is defined in grace


If grace only sets up hardware, what is the interrupt handling that is defined in grace? (line 329 of the mian.c file)


I appreciate you answering!  This is great!  I'm so excited to wrap my head around this stuff!!

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@@supamas Grace is just a simple GUI for setting up selected msp430 devices.  In the case of the ISR, it's just letting you type in a common function name for your interrupt function and then it adjusts the IV table.


Essentially, it just does this:

#pragma vector=USCIAB0TX_VECTOR
__interrupt void USCI0TX_ISR_HOOK(void)

    if (IFG2 & UCB0TXIFG) {
		/* USCI_B0 Transmit Interrupt Handler */


		/* Enter active mode on exit */
    else {
		/* USCI_B0 Receive Interrupt Handler */


		/* Enter active mode on exit */
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