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I installed Energia on a Windows 10 computer.

I was careful to upload the Energia drivers .

Compiling Sketches went fast and easy, but uploading the compiled program did not work well.  I  got a lot of failures when I tried to upload. Maybe about one out of five uploads worked 


I repeated all the above on a different Windows 10 computer and got the same results. 


Finally I installed Enegia on a Windows 7 computer and everything worked perfect. 


The two Windows 10 computers were both Windows 7 and I used the Microsoft free upgrade package to install windows 10


 Can anyone comment on this or has anyone had a similar experience. 



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What kind of errors?  I have Windows 10 Professional (laptop came with it preinstalled though) and no problems, but I will note I made sure to install all the TI drivers in signature-ignore mode (i.e. hold Shift while clicking the Restart menu option under Start>Power, select reboot to options menu, select option 7 after the reboot for booting with no driver signature verification, then install drivers in that special mode).  I did the same thing when I installed CCSv6 too.

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I'm running Win10 x64 on this computer and am having no problems... other than the AP my Chronos watch has whose drivers are unsigned.


*edit- doing what @@spirilis mentioned, rebooting to allow installing the drivers without driver verification, then rebooting again and updating the driver for the device in question to point at the unsigned driver works.

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Windows 10 works perfect for me too . . . Because I don't have it installed ;) Still on Win8 pro here, and wishing I stayed with Win7 pro . . .




By the way, I use the Energia provided mspdebug to upload code ( tilib -d USB --force-reset "prog $(PROJECT_DIR)$(TARGET_OUTPUT_FILE)" ) and it fails 1 in ~20 tries. Sometimes 2-3 time back to back. It never realy says what happened. Just gives an obscure fail code. But I always assumed it was a busy wait fail on the device.


I would imagine energia works around this by repeating until it no longer fails, but I honestly don't know . . .

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