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TI ccs cloud energia compatability

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In Energia you can view serial output (tools/serial monitor) or you can press ctl +shft+ M . . 

A window opens andthe srial output is displayed. 

I took the Energisa Sample Blink program and added this statement   inside the loop.     Serial.print("\nLooping ");


It worked as expected , It blinked and when I pressed Ctrl+Shift+M  the serial monitor opened and the work Looping was displayed over and over



Does anyone know if intel CCS Cloud supports this feature?    If yes, how do I do it. ?


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You'd need to import an Energia sketch to get the Serial.print functionality (raw CCS is going to be more complicated than Energia for serial printing because it's lower level).  There is a Serial Terminal in CCS cloud though - I don't think the same keyboard shortcut works though.


Look at step 6 here - https://www.hackster.io/9183/msp432-iot-workshop-with-ccs-cloud-f88262 




From the Target menu at the top of the window, select Connect COM Port, and then pick the serial port associated with your MSP432 Launchpad and the correct baud rate (9600 is common). You can view the serial data in the debug window under the Serial tab. If it looks unreadable you can try hitting the reset button on your LaunchPad.
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