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Update: Apparently the samples are out of stock, even though it doesn't mention it on the Maxim website.



Saw this over on Dangerous Prototypes but figured I'd post it here as well. Apparently this was posted in April and there are 1000 available, but I ordered one today. You do unfortunately need a business or educational institution e-mail to be able to order one.




This versatile EV kit allows you to measure any analog signal source directly from your computer. Just download the MAXADCLite GUI software (PC only), connect your analog input signal, and start measuring. (Power is provided through the USB port.)


Key Benefits


* Smallest 12-bit SAR ADC

o 2 channels

o Integrated reference

o 1.9mm x 2.2mm package

* Lowest system cost

o Integrated multiplexer, FIFO, and sequencer

o Same price as competitive stand alone ADCs

* Ultra-low power

o Active: 2

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----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Update: Apparently the samples are out of stock, even though it doesn't m

They're started shipping these again - I managed to end up with two because the order disappears when they're reviewing it.   I contacted support and requested the code for the application that's in

If you are really interested, I can send you mine. I bought it as a backup. Let me know.

Yeah.. its a shame.. but my order is progressing a little strangely.. I sampled some DACs at the same time.. They arrived the other day and if I look at the site now my ADCLite EV kit is showing as on back order with a Original On Dock Date of 23rd Dec and Scheduled On Dock Date of 28th Dec. I strangely didn't receive the order status confirmation e-mail saying the DACs were shipping.. So Im expecting my order to be cancelled but I also have my fingers crossed :)


I don't know if it makes a difference but the company I work for orders samples fairly regularly from Maxim and it is for/through them that I placed the order (Im sure they won't mind me playing with the EV kit though :) ).

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Well shove me sideways and call me maxim.. My MAXADCLITE+ was waiting for me this morning. Haven't had time to fire it up yet.. but although some have been told out of stock, and mine went on back order stating Christmas time as estimated on Dock date. They do have some (well.. I know they had ONE when sending mine out.. where there is one there may be more)


Hope this helps..



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