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My subnet is and my broadcast IP is I'm trying to broadcast UDP packets using this code but I'm not sure its working. When I open my IP and port on SocketTest, I don't see anything on the console. What am I missing?

unsigned int localPort = 2390;
char sendBuffer[] = {"pullingyourhairoutisnotthesolution"};

WiFiUDP BroadcastSendUDP;

void sendBroadcastPacket() { 
  IPAddress sendIP(192, 168, 1, 101);

  int counter = (sizeof(sendBuffer)/sizeof(sendBuffer[0]));

  BroadcastSendUDP.beginPacket(sendIP, localPort);
  for (int i=0; i<counter; i++) {

  Serial.print("Packet sent: ");
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Gotta see more code to really know what's going on. 
Do you have your UDP object properly initialized? something like:

do { // Detect if we've started the UDP server
    Serial.print("."); // print dots while we wait

Notice that BroadcastSendUDP.beginPacket() will *not* get a socket and bind it to a port for you, you must call begin() first.


Relevant snippet for reference:

int WiFiUDP::beginPacket(IPAddress ip, uint16_t port)
    //make sure a port has been created
    //!! this doesn't create a port if one doesn't exist. Is that ok? <--------- Look here
    if (_socketIndex == NO_SOCKET_AVAIL) {
        return 0;

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