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Energia on Linux always brick programmer on update

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I am using energia on Linux with several different LaunchPad models. For most of them, Energia forces an update of the FET programmer firmware. If started by the corresponding menu option, the update will take place to some high percentage but then fail, leaving the board in a bricked state. This happens for almost any LaunchPad that needed the update.


I think Energia should be more cautionous, maybe exit the update if something would'nt work out, but don't brick boards in general.

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There's a bunch of /etc/udev.d/rules entries you should have that might "grease the skids" for Energia FET updates.  Unfortunately I don't have them handy anymore (blew away my Linux install and went with a new Windows 10 laptop...)


edit: Are you using Energia as a normal user or as root?

This is important, what those "udev rules" I mentioned do is allow normal users (or users in the "dialout" group usually) to have write access to the USB VID/PID of the FET's USB bootstrap loader.

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