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would Window 10 installation affect my sketch work developed using Energia 11?

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Hi @@retiredee72


There are too many variables to answer that with assurance. If you do a search on 43oh you will find a few posts from people who had problems with the transition to Windows 10 (and frquently the solution). Personally I found Energia to work better with Windows 10 and have had no problem with CCS.

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I would say yes, it would affect things negatively. At minimum it will make setting up your development environment more difficult, and potentially impossible without software patches.


My thoughts are always " if it is not broken, do not fix it" Meaning if you have something that works, don't upgrade, just for the sake of upgrading.

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Thanks to Fmilburn,Yyrkoon,and abecedarian for very good advice.

I will go ahead with free window 10 upgrade sometime before end of July 29 .

if it is does not work out, I can always go back  to window 7, while still preserving option with free "window 10 upgrade" .

Hello abecedarian,

I just installed Energia 17, however all my sketches were developed using Energia 11.


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