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CC3200 accessing smartconfig profiles

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There is an SimpleLink API that "gets" the stored profiles: sl_WlanProfileGet(). See details here: http://software-dl.ti.com/ecs/cc31xx/APIs/public/cc32xx_simplelink/latest/html/group__wlan.html#ga5195b07e98404f074e0294276fc64858


As far as I know SmartConfig is production ready. I think there is a small number of exceptions in terms of AP's that it would work. The bulk of the AP's should work. I have not encountered an AP that did not work. For those cases I recommend to have a backup method of configuration such as being able to put the CC3200 into AP mode so that a user can specify the SSID/password on a webpage and then switch to station mode.


I would post a question on the e2e forum to get more details about SimpleConfig production readiness if in doubt: https://e2e.ti.com/support/wireless_connectivity/simplelink_wifi_cc31xx_cc32xx/


Hope this helps.



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Thanks Robert. This however, returns the profile security type as a positive number. Is there any way to get the actual SSID? 



I've used SmartConfig very successfully on a project.

See http://embeddedcomputing.weebly.com/isup2c-smartwifi-smart-device.html


@@Rei Vilo, Could you walk me through how you've implemented this in real-life? Perhaps share the code? I thought of setting up the CC3200 in AP mode when its out of the box, and then connecting to it and sending it WiFi creds of the local network. However, after this it would switch to Station mode and my problem is how would it recognize the mobile app that sent it the creds in the first place. Essentially how would it communicate with the app after becoming another device on the local wifi network.

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