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Digital Ocean?

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Hi Everybody,


Right now, my website is on a shared service. That means that I cannot take advantage of letsencrypt.org's free Certificates.


I am considering setting up my own server on DigitalOcean.com.


Does anyone have any experience with them?


Are there any better alternatives?


Can you share some stories from the trenches please?

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Analog.io runs on Digital Ocean, as does my Phant server.  Luke @ Analog.io set it up for me, so I don't really manage the dashboard piece of things.  I will say their pricing is pretty cheap in comparison to azure.  Not sure about Amazon.  I've only had one issue where they had a big DNS failure - but my server was up and running the whole time - I just didn't have the IP to get into it for a few hours.  So I don't have a ton of info on admin - but it's been pretty fool-proof so far.

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I've got my droplet up and running now.


It felt good to dust off the linux admin skills and set everything up.


Here's a screen shot of the speed comparison between my old and new service provider.




That's the trigger point for me. Speed. And this is running on their $5/month configuration!


I now like these new guys. Here's my referral link if anyone else wants to try out Digital Ocean for themselves.



PS: @@bluehash, I encountered the dreaded myslq crash this morning. I've got it sorted out already. We should compare notes.


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@@zeke, I use linode.

They have been good support and uptime wise.

The crashes you see on 43oh is not because of Linode, but mysql not tuned well. I recommend them.

My blog site runs on wulfs server which is also a linode VM. They're good, i read about them all over the web, but have never heard of digitalocean. But I have not exactly looked for a server provider in quite some time. Anyway, linode is always up . . . I can not remember the last time our server was down, and then I think that was wulfs fault.

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