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I used FR5969 to control the operation of CC1120. The chip transmit a packet periodically each second and after transmission completed, the chip goes into idle state.


When I just add a command strobe to enter the chip in sleep mode instead of idle state, the chip remain in TX state which is abnormal case. The user guide stated that any command will wake up the chip from sleep state.






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I had a similar problem with CC1120. It didn't want to go on Power Down mode when I strobe with "PWD" commannd.


Try to strobe with "IDLE" command before "POWERDOWN" strobe command. 

I did it without success. But I solved this problem after I figured out what happen.


When I retransmit the packet I just issued the STX command. PWD command reset the TX buffer, so you should load the buffer again before issuing the STX command after sleep.

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