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Time for another ENERGIA RELEASE !

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Good morning,


This probably belongs in the suggestions section, but I couldn't find that so I'm posting it here.  Moderators, please move this to the appropriate place...


Anyway, I would like to suggest that the powers that be PLEASE release a new version of ENERGIA.


There are 2 huge glaring problems in the current release.


1.  I2C Scanner doesn't work for MSP430G2553

2.  There is no support for 28 pin versions of the MSP430G2553


Both of these issues have been addressed and fixed in various GitHub code.  However, it has not been merged into Energia and applied to a new release of Energia.


I have downloaded energia and applied the above 2 patches and am running just fine.  However, it seems like 4 months since the last release of code is a very long code cycle.


Please release an updated version with all the fixes to date included, so that it works well right off the shelf without having to hack it to death.


By the way, ENERGIA IS AWESOME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I really love it..  Let's just update it and so new users will love it as much as I do, without having the hassle of having to manually patch parts of it.





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