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F5529 doesn't support EnergyTrace so I can't optimize the performance of the sensor node. That is one of the reason why I want to migrate to FR6989. Second reason is that in general compact design is more reliable i.e. LCD is  part of LP board and I guess it may consume less power.

what @@abecedarian said... The power consumption of the LCD entirely depends on how fancy an LCD you use.


The other consideration is that, since you only need the LCD for occasional "configuration" purposes, the board housing that LCD can provide power for itself and/or power (or recharge) the WSN board.  Using level shifters in the bus interface the former option, i.e. the LCD board power itself, is easily doable.

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Maybe knowing more about what you're trying to accomplish could help us help you?

I designed a new MAC protocol and want to evaluate it's performance in real world. The purpose of this protocol is to maximize the lifetime of the sensor node. 

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 In datasheet, the minimum power consumption of CC1120 in sleep mode is less than  10 uW and about 3 uW for FR5969. So, the expected power consumption is about  20 - 100 uW. During the operation of FR5969+CC1120 the minimum power consumption recorded is about 3 mW. I can't figure out the reason behind this difference.

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