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LIVE EAGLE Group Tutorial : Saturday 23rd 2011 July at 9am

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  • 3 weeks later...

I did not record it... I do plan on doing some videos of various schematic and board creations though. I'm always available in IRC when I'm not at work.. sometimes even when I am at work.. and am willing to help with Q's (The VM I used for this is always ready to fire up as well if you need to actually see something.)

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I know I have missed the session but I wanted to ask that was this tutorial been recorded by anyone ? If yeah then can anyone post the videos here ?


Missed it too, rats...


I did find this series for what its worth



And our buddies at Spark fun have these (not videos sorry)





I have not used them yet and would like feed back from those who have but for in the USA PCBs dirt cheap http://batchpcb.com/index.php/Products looks pretty good. I have been told http://www.olimex.com/pcb/index.html are pretty good, and they make a number of development boards lots of folks sell.


So far I have mostly used http://expresspcb.com/ because they are so easy to use, but your tied into them if you as you have to use their excellent free software for the board and schematic design. Works paid foar the boards so I did't care much but now that I am going to make some for my self I am watching the pennies. I will take a longer wait for hobby boards too.




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