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TM4C129 Launchpad and XBee

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I am using TM4C129 Launchpad launchpad and trying to connect XBee Series 2 (S2C) through UART. 


Looking into the pinout of TM4C129, I am connecting like below


XBee TX <---> RX (UART0)


XBee RX <---> TX (UART0)


XBee 3.3V <--->  pin#41


XBee GND <---> pin#62 


I use below code on the LaunchPad at Energia


void setup()
  //pinMode(13, OUTPUT);   

void loop()


And the below python code runs on my Mac as a coordinator



import serial

ser = serial.Serial('/dev/tty.usbserial-A104IC2U', 9600)

while True:
        incoming = ser.readline().strip()
        print '%s' % incoming

But it doesn't work. FYI, this code worked on Arduino.


Has anyone tried this before? Any suggestion?

Am I missing some connection? jumper settings? Anything on the code?

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You may want to try using Serial1 (e.g. Serial1.begin) instead of Serial and make your connections to RX1 and TX1. The first serial port on the launchpads is usually tied to the programming portion of the board and is used for as the backchannel serial port for terminal output.

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