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APWatchConnectDisconnect does not work

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Hi, I'm fairly well versed with the Arduino but still a noob with the CC3200 platform. I was playing around with the APWatchConnectDisconnect example and ran into a few problems. I cannot seem to setup the AP. I specify the ssid and the password and on the serial monitor it does show that its creating an AP with the given creds but nothing happens after that. I never get to the "AP active" part. What am I missing here? The board is a CC3200 Launchpad from TI. 

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Nope, no dots in the serial monitor and nothing after "AP uses WPA and password is: xxxx". Also I don't see the AP in my list of Wifi networks. I have the 4.1 version of the launchpad as well.


I was tinkering with CCS just before this. Would that have something to do with this? I did make the appropriate jumper connections once I switched to Energia. 

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Thanks for letting us know that you got it to work.


I have seen this before where the service pack ends up in a state or is in a certain state out of the box preventing any wireless API's to work properly.

I am not able to consistently produce this so have very little to go on to be able to report this back to TI.



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