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How is Energia MT organized?

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Can someone explain how the code for Energia MT is organized? I was trying to locate the Wiring equivalent for MSP432 on GitHub but failed to do so.


I assume the core is shared with CC3200 etc, abstracting away all the hardware dependencies with driverlib. But I wasn't able to find the common Wiring files.

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Right now EMT is not compiled from source. We link against a pre-compiled binary. Please see hardware/emt/ti/runtime/wiring/msp432/linker.cmd for which precompiled libraries are linked with. The sources of the Wiring framework can be found here: https://github.com/energia/emt.


What we do is we create something called a closure that has all the binaries / headers included. I then take that closure and consume it during the build of Energia.

We realize that this is not the ideal way to do it since it is very difficult to rebuild the wiring framework from source. For that reason, the next release of Energia based on Arduino 1.6 will utilize the core package management system. With that release the Wiring framework will always be build from source just as we do with the other none emt implementations. SYS/BIOS / TI-RTOS will not be build from source however since that would take way to long when you hit verify on a Sketch. Reason is that it is very unlikely that you would want to change anything in those sources. We will post instructions for how to recreate those binaries if you do want to change things in those sources.


The next release is about a month out.



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Hi there

Currently I am using the Serial1 pin to I2C for the LCD. so, I can't use the Serial1 in the CC3200EMT (multitasking).When I see the source code of Board_init.c, there is Board_openUART() function which seems to initiate the PIN. I need to change the pin 3 and 4 to 7 and 8. but even I changed the source code, it wasn't able to apply them. It seems the complier linking the binaries directly. Did you already announce the procedure how to recreate libraries? or Can you suggest other ways?

//MAP_PinTypeUART(PIN_03, PIN_MODE_7);

//MAP_PinTypeUART(PIN_04, PIN_MODE_7);


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