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Olimex MSP430-G2744BP BoosterPack

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Does anyone have an opinion on this particular Booster Pak: https://www.olimex.com/Products/MSP430/Booster/MSP430-G2744BP/


It indicates that the supported device is the MSP430G2744 in 40-pin DIL package.  Would this be something of interest for those wanting to get into programming of MSP430 devices to be put in projects?  It seems to have less memory than some of the other MSP430 devices, and may not be the best choice if I want maximum memory out of a MSP430.



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Back in 2013 TI announced they would be releasing the G2744 in PDIP 40 package. http://43oh.com/2013/03/ti-announces-bigger-and-better-value-line-msp430-controllers/


But later they removed that option and never distributed them. It appears that only Olimex have them. Which makes it very difficult to justify IMO.


It basically means, for every project you can't just by a single IC, you would need to buy the whole dev-board from Olimex.



It is unclear if Olimex is just sitting on stack now, or if TI actually still make the PDIP chips for them.

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