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I2C1 - Wire setModule

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On the Energia pinout image of the Tiva C, it shows that PG0/PG1 and PN4/PN5 are both connected to the I2C module. Will the Wire library for the Tiva C connected send/receive I2C data on both sets of pins? Or are we supposed to somehow specify which pins we want I2C on? 


I'm having difficulty reading an MS5837 I2C depth sensor on module 1. I call the Wire.setModule(1) function before calling the Wire.begin(), and I have verified that pull-ups are in place. I was intending to use PG0/PG1 for this, but don't have anything connected to PN4/PN5. I have no issues reading the depth sensor with a bit-banged I2C master, but I would really prefer to use the I2C hardware to get faster read/writes. 

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