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Where is Energia Library in Mac

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After installing Energia in Mac, what is the path for Energia Libraries?

/Documments/Energia/libraries doesn't have anything.



A quick Google search says the library path in Mac is /Applications/Energia.app/Contents/Resources/Java/hardware


But I don't see any library folder for TIVA-C (TM4C129) there which is what I am using.


The installation in Mac seems to  created different directory structure than Windows (I don't own a PC anymore). I am looking for TIVA-C Ethernet libraries installed while installing Energia.


Any suggestion?

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For more clarification, the old Stellaris stuff was named by the original company that made it - Luminary Micro - which was acquired by TI.  So Tiva was probably a name to improve its pronunciation (IIRC a former TI'er on here mentioned TI's sales teams had trouble selling it in Asia due to pronunciation) and also introduce the letters "TI" into the product name.



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