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I have added the RTC library in Energia under hardware/lm4f/libraries, but I am getting the following error when I compile the example code for MSP432 . I have selected the TM4C1294ncpdt board for this code. What changes and where are to be implemented if any?

[D:\Installer\energia-0101E0016\hardware\tools\lm4f\bin\arm-none-eabi-g++, -c, -Os, -w, -fno-rtti, -fno-exceptions, -ffunction-sections, -fdata-sections, -mthumb, -mcpu=cortex-m4, -mfloat-abi=hard, -mfpu=fpv4-sp-d16, -fsingle-precision-constant, -DF_CPU=120000000L, -MMD, -DARDUINO=101, -DENERGIA=16, -ID:\Installer\energia-0101E0016\hardware\lm4f\cores\lm4f, -ID:\Installer\energia-0101E0016\hardware\lm4f\variants\launchpad_129, -ID:\Installer\energia-0101E0016\hardware\lm4f\libraries\RTC_Library, C:\Users\tanmay\AppData\Local\Temp\build6234340672184416431.tmp\MSP432_RTC.cpp, -o, C:\Users\tanmay\AppData\Local\Temp\build6234340672184416431.tmp\MSP432_RTC.cpp.o]
In file included from MSP432_RTC.cpp:81:0:
D:\Installer\energia-0101E0016\hardware\lm4f\libraries\RTC_Library/RTC_Library.h:43:3: error: #error Platform not supported.
 # error Platform not supported.

Please help .
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I see no MSP432_RTC.cpp on the library. 


About RTC_Library.h, if you're using a TM4C129 MCU, you can comment all the lines of the #if defined... #elif... #else... #endif.

#if defined(__MSP432P401R__)
#    include <driverlib/rtc_c.h>
#elif defined(__CC3200R1M1RGC__)
#    include <driverlib/prcm.h>
#elif defined(__LM4F120H5QR__) || defined(__TM4C123GH6PM__) || defined(__TM4C129XNCZAD__)
// nothing, as TivaWare is already in ROM!
#    error Platform not supported.
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Short answer, two options


I'm surprised the variable __TM4C129XNCZAD__ isn't defined when using the TM4C129 MCU.

  • Either comment the whole block of pre-processing statements. 
  • Or better, add #define __TM4C129XNCZAD__ before the whole block of pre-processing statements. 

Long answer


Give a tour to the GCC Preprocessor documentation, especially 

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