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New launchpad msp-exp430fr5994 with microSD

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Too much effort/not funny for a April fools joke.


Interesting that the schematics are date 11 Mar. (for rev 1.1) That's a pretty impressive turn around time.


It's interesting they have the SD card connected directly to the voltage rail of the super cap. Some SD cards I've tested use in excess of 20mA when writing. Most are in the 2-5mA range, but that's still a significant draw. Probably can't be using SD and the supercap in the same application.

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Did you see this: "The MSP430F599x microcontrollers take low power and performance to the next level with the Low-Energy Accelerator (LEA_SC), a co-processor optimized for signal processing. this accelerator enables developers to efficiently process data using complex functions such as FFT, FIR and matrix multiplication. Implementation requires no DSP expertise with a free optimized DSP Library available."


:o  :o  :D  :D



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@@agaelema It isn't the first time that something makes a brief appearance in the store and then disappears for a while. I guess I will be patient and wait.


I do have a couple of questions on the supercap results you mentioned in your post. Did you have all the jumpers to the programming portion of the board removed? Was there a SD card in the slot, even if it was not being actively used?

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@@agaelema Thanks for doing the second test. Assuming the Launchpad user guide is accurate on the power consumption of the inserted SD card at 100uA, then that would infer that the average current consumption for the demo, without the SD, would be about 200uA. Then at 5uA average current for a periodic data logger perhaps you could get 40 hours (assuming very low leakage for the cap). Haven't done much with supercaps so I will need to take a look at the specs and come up to speed.


Thanks again for taking the time to do another test.

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