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noForth for MSP430

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In addition to @@monsonite's Forth research, I found noForth. Mentioning it separately here as it is a MSP430 project.


is functionally equivalent to the previous version (noForth 1210, october 2012). We made noForth still more robust and we made some space saving internal changes: the kernel takes less space and compiling a program is more space efficient now. 
This is nice especially for the smaller 16kB processors.



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noForth appears to be a very nice implementation - written by Dutch developers,  Albert Nijhof & Willem Ouwerkerk


It is a good implementation for the MSP430 - especially if you are working with G2 Launchpad , '5739 EXP or '5969 EXP.


noForth also supports the following boards  with noForth C or noForth V - which has support for the FRAM


Documentation about the boards (.pdf) 
Lp, Mc, Du, Mv, Ex
  intel hex files (.a43) of actual 
noForth versions (160401)
MSP430G2553 Launchpad 
16kB FROM Lp noForth C   noForth V 
noForth C-   noForth V- MSP430G2553 Egel Kit 
16kB FROM, Baud rate 38k4 Ek noForth C   noForth V 
noForth C-   noForth V- MSP430F149 Minim Core Board 
61kB FROM Mc noforth C   noforth V MSP430F149 Dupont board 
61kB FROM Du noForth C   noForth V MSP430F149 Mini-V3 board 
61kB FROM Mv noForth C   noForth V MSP-EXP430FR5739 Experimenter Board 
16kB FRAM Ex noForth C   noForth V MSP-EXP430FR5969 Experimenter Board 
64kB FRAM, Baud rate 38k4 Ex noForth C   noForth V



See this page for links to the above  





For Linux users - the writers of noForth have produced the  e4thcom "Forth Terminal"  - which is an integrated solution to communications and file save/load for writing Forth source code. 




There is definitely increasing interest in Forth for small embedded microcontrollers - especially the MSP430.   Most of the implementations are free to download -  and there is a good community around the German Forth group 





If you don't speak German - then much of the group's content is in English  - or you can very easily use Google Translate on their web pages, wiki etc.





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Hi Ken,


We also have made a website with hardware examples using noForth.


You can find it here:https://noforth.bitbucket.io/site/egel for launchpad.html


It contains chapters from "simple" I/O to small applications.

There is a section on timer interrupts, low power modes, SPI, I2C (with a solid working I2C-slave) and more.


In each chapter we mention the documents and page where the code is based on.

We give links to background information, components and ready to use modules.


We tried to make it easier to understand and adapt the examples for your own purpose.


Kind regards,

Willem Ouwerkerk.


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