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Hello there, I am new to this forum. I wanted a code which could help me create a neural network to correlate my sensor data and get the desired output. I am using MSP430G2553 micro-controller with Energia as the software.

It will be a great help. Thanks in advance.

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You need to buy a controller with the DWIM module built in, choose any of the MSP430G7xxx chips and you'll be fine.

I searched online for DWIM module but couldn't find any. So can you please explain what you are referring to.

And moreover, i wanted to know the code to implement the neural network.

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Neuroduino is a simple implementation for the arduino platform, you will surely find inspiration there. But I'm not really sure what you intent to do with the neural network if you succeed. I don't want to  sound like an a-hole, but usually people experimenting with neural networks are a bit more trained to do their own online research before asking in forums. Have you ever play around with neural networks (ready-made implementations) on a computer?

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On 3/29/2016 at 4:42 PM, spirilis said:

If you are attempting to design a self-organized autonomous killer robot, I recommend chatting with TI about this - notably https://twitter.com/NeedSampleCode as I hear he has an MSP430 boxing robot ;-)

I have made a simple implementation of an ANN that runs on the Tiva-C and 5529 using c++. It basically is a spiking neural network where the input is summed, and if above threshold, that neuron fires all the axons with 1 * W. There is also a mechanism of decay of the firing rate each time the neuron runs, and a mechanism to modify the neurons firing time, (the more the sum is, the quicker it fires, with in a range.) So the output from each neuron is always one, but the frequency differs.

So, it is a trivial spiking neural network but it works. I already connected 4 light sensors, 4 input neurons, 1 hidden layer of 4 neurons, 2 output neurons to motors, and obtained a robot that goes around the light like a fly.

@spirilis are there other implementations for embedded platforms for neural networks, that runs on TI products?

would anyone be interested in the ANN code, if i make it opensource will anyone help me to make it better? I would be very interested in modifying it so it runs on the c2000.

basically it would benefit from a fpu. all it does is sum and multiply floating point numbers.



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